scheckter’s deli SANDWICHes                       

Sandwiches take 8 – 10 minutes to make


Reuben                                   12

Piccalilli, Sauerkraut,  Scheckter’s New York Pastrami, Sweberg Swiss cheese  Toasted

Kimchi reuben                             12

Russian dressing, Kimchi, Scheckter’s New York Pastrami, Sweberg Swiss cheese Toasted

mega Pastrami on rye          15  

Mustard, Horseradish , Scheckter’s New York Pastrami  300 grams

Ham and cheese                          10                                                                         


Wholegrain Mustard, Monterey Jack Cheese, Sweberg Swiss cheese, Free Range Champagne Ham Toasted

Scheckter’s Deli SAMPLE Menu   

Reuben  12 Scheckter’s New York pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and piccalilli on duck fat spread toasted Sourdough Caraway Rye

Kimchi  Reuben  12 Scheckter’s New York pastrami, Russian dressing, Kimchi, swiss cheese on duck fat spread toasted Sourdough Caraway Rye                                          

Megastrami  on Rye 15 Scheckter’s New York pastrami (300 grams), duck fat spread Sourdough Caraway Rye with mustard and horseradish                                                          

Ham and Cheese 10   Free range Champagne ham, Monterry and Swiss cheese with mustard on duck fat spread toasted Sourdough Caraway Rye                                                                

Hot Dog 8 Scheckter’s Kosher style Frankfurter, grilled onions, ketchup, Al Brown mustard on Baguette                                 

Mince & cheese Jaffle 6    Ground beef, onion, carrot and cheese.                                                                

Mozzarella & Truffle Jaffle 6   

Mozzarella and Tartufata                              

Red Special 6 melted Red Leceister spring onions on garlic & herb bread           


Bagel  Cream cheese & Tonnato 12 Bagel with

Cream cheese & spring onions and Tonnato (Tuna, olive oil,lemon juice, anchovy, capers & mayonnaise) 


Valda’s Chicken Noodle Soup 15 BOSTOCK BROTHERS chicken with a bread roll.

Pickle sandwich 6 Halved Vlasic kosher Dill with Scheckter’s New York Pastrami and Swiss cheese              

Breakfast 15 Soft white roll, beef sausages, fried eggs and grilled onions                                               

Jerk Chicken Roll 9 Jamaican Jerk chicken

Deli Roll 4 Ciabatta roll with ham, cheese, mustard and mayonnaise                                                        



Baklava 4                           

Coffee 4 REVIVE espresso, long black, hot white          

Bootleggers soda 4.50                

Bootleggers Tonic 4                 

Tea 4                               

Hot  chocolate   5                   

Charlies Kids Juices   2